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red brick monument in Preston Park Brighton with green grass and leafy trees

Step into the world of 'Preston Monument,' a stunning 42x30 cm oil painting on canvas board, thoughtfully crafted by the esteemed Sussex artist Tony Parsons. This captivating artwork showcases the timeless beauty of Preston Monument, meticulously brought to life on canvas.


Each painting is elegantly framed, offering you a choice between white or grey wooden tray frames, infusing a touch of sophistication into this compelling piece.

An ideal addition for both seasoned art collectors and enthusiasts, 'Preston Monument' is a unique gem in Tony Parsons' portfolio. What's more, we offer the convenience of free postage within the UK, and for international art aficionados, a reasonable shipping fee ensures secure delivery. Whether you opt for Parcel Force shipping or prefer personal collection, 'Preston Monument' is a masterpiece that captures the essence of this iconic landmark, making it a valuable asset to any art collection. Experience the allure of 'Preston Monument' by Tony Parsons and elevate your art collection with this captivating portrayal of architectural beauty."

Preston Monument - Original Oil Painting - Tony Parsons

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