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azure blue sea in Minorca with rocky shore, hidden hut and nude swimmer

Step into the serene world of 'Hidden Hut,' a breathtaking 42x30 cm oil painting on canvas board masterfully crafted by esteemed Sussex artist Tony Parsons. This captivating artwork transports you to a tranquil scene of a clear blue sea, rugged rocky shore, and a quaint hidden hut nestled in the landscape of Menorcan coast. Each painting is elegantly framed, offering a choice between white or grey wooden tray frames, adding a touch of sophistication to this compelling piece.

An exquisite addition for both art collectors and enthusiasts, 'Hidden Hut' is a unique gem in Tony Parsons' portfolio, capturing the beauty of nature's hidden treasures. What's more, we offer the convenience of free postage within the UK, and for international art lovers, a reasonable shipping fee ensures secure delivery. Whether you choose Parcel Force shipping or prefer personal collection, 'Hidden Hut' is a masterpiece that encapsulates the serenity and wonder of the coastal landscape, making it a prized addition to any art collection. Experience the allure of 'Hidden Hut' by Tony Parsons and elevate your collection with this captivating portrayal of nature's beauty."

Hidden Hut - Original Oil Painting - Tony Parsons

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