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Luchon. Painting in the Pyrenees

Monday 13th May - Sunday 19thMay

A week of Plein Air painting for beginners and experienced artists.

Join Tony Parsons, award winning artist and plein air adventurer on a May painting trip to the Queen of the Pyrenees, Luchon! 

Tony has teamed up with the fabulous Victoria and Geoff who own and run the Free Range Chalet, a villa in the heart of Bagneres-de-Luchon to offer a weeks plein air painting holiday in May 2024.

We provide the accommodation, transport all the equipment (you can of course bring your own) and a really wonderful choice of other activities in this stunning mountain playground. 


This week is designed for both the beginner and experienced artists. There will only be a maximum of 8 artists guaranteeing personal tailored tuition. We will be painting in oils on prepared canvas boards. If you’ve been to any of Tony's courses you’ll know how he likes to break a painting into 10 minute demonstrations so you can paint along in easy-to-follow chunks. If you’re new to oils he will help you deal with all the classic beginner issues quickly so you can explore quite how versatile oils can be! 

During the week you will cover sketching in paint, Making details pop with light and colour, composition and perspective (simplifying the bits that aren't fun!) Sending things into the distance with values and tone and including people in your work!


The mornings will be spent following structured tuition in various stunning locations from the mountain lake of Genos to some of the stunning Belle époque style grand villas Luchon is famous for. Lunches will be in one of the local cafes and bistros if we’re in town or a packed lunch if we’re out in the wilds. Spain is 15 minutes up the mountain pass so it would be rude not to have tapas for at least one lunch!


Afternoons will be out painting with Tony for guidance if you haven’t filled your brain up or taking part in a number of activities arranged by Vic and Geoff. Of course you can also explore the local area and just chill out!

Tony will be on hand during the structured painting sessions and is happy to provide individual tuition in between times if you run into a specific problem.

The week costs £875 which includes tuition, kit, transfers and minibus travel on the trip, everything except flights and the in-town lunches. We'll send you a booking form and recommend flights to either Toulouse or Lourdes once you book to make sure you aren't waiting around.

Costs excluding flights and lunches in town:

If you're happy to share a room: £875 per person.

Your own room £1005 per person.

email Tony for more information and to book.

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