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Be In The Picture!

Join me on Sunday, November 19th at 10 am by the Peace statue on Hove Lawns as I set up my easel to capture the beauty of our seafront. I'm Tony Parsons, Brighton based landscape artist, and I want YOU to be a part of my artwork!


I work with oils and can paint a recognizable figure in under five minutes. So, wear something unique, bring your kids and dogs, and let's make it a memorable morning! It's all about fun and It's totally FREE to join in.


Of course, if you want a special memento, you can buy the original or Giclée art prints of the finished piece. Or, feel free to snap a pic with your phone  - once you’re painted in. A print could make a fantastic Christmas gift for your loved ones.


Come rain or shine, I'll be there with my easel. Well, maybe not during a full gale – that might limit the canvas size a bit! I've done this in Jersey and Guernsey, and it's always an exciting adventure.

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